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You’ve been told to “Eat your vegetables!” ever since you were little. But are you really getting enough healthy greens in your diet? And what if there was a way to incorporate greens and vitamins together in one spoonful? Well there is: powdered greens to the rescue!

Eating leafy greens the normal way is excellent and also gives you a dose of water and fiber, but there is a more potent way to supplement extra greens, vitamins, and even superfoods into what you eat. Greens powders are concentrated vegetables and can be incorporated into your diet in several forms. They are most commonly added to liquids and are a fantastic addition to a healthy greens shake. Though greens powders should not replace your daily intake of vegetables (and thus lessen your fiber intake), they have their own unique benefits.

First of all, greens powders have a lot more than just your average spinach and kale ground up inside. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals that, depending on which kind or brand, can include iron, iodine, selenium, chromium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K, in addition to several antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant compounds and superfoods such as moringa and spirulina. Greens powders also contain a variety of uncommon greens such as wheatgrass and kelp, which you likely aren’t going to be found eating for lunch.

In one study, after taking greens powder for a month, 10 people’s blood levels of oxidatively damaged proteins were lowered by 30%. These proteins can protect you against sicknesses such as cancer and chronic disease, so it is clearly incredibly important for them to stay healthy and functioning properly. In another study, 63 healthy women noted that they had more energy after supplementing their diets with greens powder for 3 months. This could be due to the green tea extract found in many greens powders that encourages the body’s burning of calories.

Whether you decide to take it for an energy boost or to benefit from its countless vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, greens powders are an excellent and easy way to improve your health, starting with what you put in your mouth.

At SD Discount Nutrition we carry a large variety greens and superfoods such as Cytogreens from NovaForme, and Green Juice from Organifi. Stop by to see us and we’ll be happy to discuss greens and answer any health related questions that you may have.


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