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San Diego, CA - Nutritional Supplement Store: Calcium

Are you getting the right amount of calcium in your diet? Do you know how important it is for so much more than bone health? Ideally it is best to get the right amount of calcium through your diet, but second best to that is to supplement calcium by taking pills or liquid. However, it is important to know which brands to take and how much is a proper daily dosage.

First of all, why would you need to add calcium into your diet at all? The answer is that your body does not produce calcium so it is necessary that you receive it through other sources. Not only do your bones need calcium to keep them strong, but also your muscles, nerves, and heart require calcium to perform properly. Some studies have even shown that calcium may help prevent cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes, and it may lower PMS symptoms. Doctors also utilize calcium to regulate high amounts of magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium in the blood.

If you and your family aren’t getting enough calcium in your diet, you will be more prone to osteoporosis (weak bones), and your children may not reach their full height potential.

You should especially consider adding calcium into your diet if you:

-are vegan

-do not consume a lot of dairy products

-suffer from osteoporosis

-have been diagnosed with a bowel/digestive disease that may limit your absorption of calcium

Foods that are high in calcium that you should add into your diet (taking into consideration your unique needs) are dark leafy greens, dairy, fish with soft edible bones, and foods such as cereal and certain juices that are fortified with calcium.

However, if you are calcium deficient, as many people are, you should supplement a calcium product into your diet to start strengthening your bones and improving your overall health.

At SD Discount Nutrition we carry a large variety of calcium supplements including NOW Foods and Garden of Life. Stop by and speak with one of our certified nutrition experts, and we’ll be happy to discuss calcium and answer any health related questions that you may have.


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