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San Diego, CA – The Benefits of CLA for Fat Loss – Nutrition Store Blog

Losing weight the right way is a controversial topic, discussed and debated by many.

When you want to lean out it is important to do it in a healthy way, and there are supplements that can help you along this process. One of these is conjugated linoleic acid (more commonly known as CLA), a naturally occurring fatty acid contained in many meat and dairy products. CLA contains omega-6 fatty acids, which according to the American Heart Association can be beneficial for your heart! Though you might think taking a fat to lose fat would be counterproductive, CLA actually can be very helpful to men and women achieving their weight loss goals.

CLA is sold in supplement stores and used by many to assist in losing fat while maintaining muscle. In one study, a group of women lost 9% body fat during one year just by taking CLA and not altering their diets or exercise habits. In another study done over a year with a group supplementing their diet with the CLA pill, another with the CLA syrup, and a third with neither, both CLA groups lost weight, while the other did not.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding taking CLA, and some may say there are negative effects to it. However, we have talked to countless people who swear by it and have greatly benefited from it.  Janet has achieved fantastic results from taking CLA and highly recommends taking it for weight loss. She takes 3000mg/day abd says it really makes a difference.  Since it is found in numerous dairy and meat products, many people already ingest it often, but probably not enough to make a difference in their fat loss. Like anything, CLA should be taken in moderation, but it may be beneficial to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, especially when complemented with healthy food and exercise.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about CLA and anything else health related, or stop by SD Discount Nutrition Superstore in Downtown San Diego.  We’re always here and happy to help with your health and nutritional needs.

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