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San Diego, CA – Why You Should Use Collagen Supplements – Nutrition Store Blog

Collagen is one of those supplements that is often overlooked and omitted from diets.

Women are usually the ones who pursue collagen because of its association with youthful skin and a clear complexion. However, collagen has so many more benefits for the body beyond helping the topical appearance. Men need to take collagen just as much as women, as it has numerous health benefits for the gut, muscles, joints, and digestion, and has a big role in building muscle.

So what exactly is collagen? It is in fact the most plentiful protein in your body, and it is found in the connective tissues of the body, such as muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Because collagen contains 19 amino acids, it is referred to as a complex protein, and it is pretty much the “glue” that keeps everything intact and functioning properly. It is obviously incredibly important for a healthy body!

Collagen is helpful for muscle recovery and is great for you to drink during or after your workout. It’s also very beneficial for anti-aging and helps decrease hair thinning, achy joints, and energy depletion. And of course, collagen contributes to healthy hair, skin, and nails. As we get older, our collagen levels decline, so it is important to supplement it into our diet. Collagen works with vitamin C, so it is vital for you to also consume foods rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, broccoli, and cauliflower.

No matter your lifestyle, build, or diet, you can benefit from taking collagen simply because it is natural to the human body. Many collagen products are derived from animals, but there are some that are from plants instead and come with their own specific benefits. Plant-based collagen helps your body to naturally produce its own collagen. Start improving your health by supplementing your diet with collagen today!


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